Monday, June 7, 2010

This wont be very technical.....

Not going to be any technical info in this post lol.

So over the weekend I got to enjoy some wonderful soccer. I went to the Toronto FC game against Kansas City, Im a season ticket holder for Toronto, and then on Sunday I played in a charity soccer tournament.

Now the TFC game was ok except for a few bad calls, one including a red card for TFC, but it was a good time either way.

The charity tournament was also entertaining. The first fun part was finding my team. I was asked the night before to play by a mutual friend of the team's captain. So that was interesting but eventually I did find the team. We played 3 games and I managed to aggravate my old ankle injury. So after the tourny and today I have been hobbling around on a leg and a half.

Today at work, luckily for my ankle, I managed to do a lot at my desk so I didnt have to spend time walking around and making my ankle worse. Tomorrow though I should be able to play in net without much problem. Been alternating wearing an ankle brace today and its helped a lot so I should be good to go.

Anyways thats all for today, tomorrow I should post something technical.

Polish, signing off.

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